Your quantum mechanics solution for covalent binders.

QuValent: Quantum-based optimization for covalent binders

Quantum mechanics can readily evaluate the effects of covalent bond formation utilizing automated approaches that can be integrated into dock scoring, AI/ML workflows, and applied toward goals such as warhead tuning.

QuValent Features

New Covalent Solution, New Possibilities

The process of covalent bond formation is a quantum process without a suitable analytic classical mechanics approximation, making QuValent the only solution for computer-aided covalent discovery.

Unprecedented Accuracy Powered by Quantum

With high accuracy and broad applicability, QuValent delivers previously untapped computational solutions for covalent discovery.

Reversible or Irreversible, You’re Covered

Only QuValent includes a complete solution for all binding aspects: Non-covalent binding, reversible covalent binding, and irreversible covalent binding.

Unprecedented Opportunities

QuValent’s core quantum mechanics capabilities break down the barriers for warhead tuning, opening new opportunities for computational teams to deliver previously unattainable results.

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Your quantum mechanics solution for covalent binders