QSimulate is the leading quantum simulation company

We are a world-class team, deeply passionate about solving real world problems through the application of the most innovative quantum technologies.

Our Team

Toru Shiozaki

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

David Pearlman

Vice President, Product

Whitney Smith

Vice President, Sales

Jia Chen

Vice President, Science

Alec White

Vice President, Research

Garnet Chan

Chief Scientific Advisor and Co-founder

Romanos Daniel

Chairman of the Advisory Board

Alexander Doran

Senior Director, Engineering

Klaas Gunst

Senior Director, Scientific Software

Richard Johnson

Director, Business Development

Trevor Barsamian

Director, Business Development

David Reilley

Director, Product Management

Charlotte Ward

Operations Manager

Leon Freitag

Staff Software Engineer

Zhenjun Hu

Senior Software Engineer

Csaba Daday

Senior Scientist

Beatrice Van Der Goetz

Senior Scientist

Daniel Moberg

Senior Scientist

Justin Provazza

Senior Scientist

Fredy Aquino

Software Engineer

Jaden Tayag

Software Engineer

Joachim Vandewalle

Software Engineer

Kevin Kunesh

Sales Associate

Bridget Burgoyne

Operations Associate

Our Offices

Boston, MA
Berkeley, CA
Ghent, Belgium